The 10 Best VSporto Podcast Episodes of 2015

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2015 was memorable for VSporto as our platform jumped from seven to 21 college teams and our audience grew 31x year over year. We overhauled our technology platform so users and hosts could listen and share their content anywhere: VSporto apps (iOS and Android) and websites or embedded on Twitter and media websites.

On the content side, we brought in newspaper beat writers, recruiting site authorities, blogosphere thought leaders, former standout athletes, sports talk radio voices, local TV anchors and official team play-by-play callers to share interviews and insights with our users from both a team-specific and national perspective. As we look back, here are 10 of the best podcasts we created in 2015:


Jac Collinsworth of The Stay Gold Podcast sat down with Notre Dame’s starting quarterback DeShone Kizer. Kizer went deep on the play that made him famous. They also talked about the social media storm that play caused. This interview was featured in Showtime’s “A Season With Notre Dame Football”.

Barrett Sallee’s timely interview with former Gamecock QB Stephen Garcia on his personal relationship with Steve Spurrier and thoughts on his retirement/next South Carolina coach right after Spurrier stepped down midseason.

If anyone knows anything about recruiting South Florida, it’s Luther Campbell, who joined Damon Sayles and Sanjay Kirpalani to talk the ins and outs of recruiting the Miami area.

Five-star offensive tackle Greg Little has every SEC school after him. In this episode, he joined Keith Niebuhr and Kipp Adams to talk about the latest in his recruitment.


In this edition of No Fall Weddings, Alex McDaniel takes a look at the 85 percent — you know that portion of every SEC fan base that is a loyal fan but didn’t attend the university. Can those fans be just as rabid as alums? Matt Scalici of, Charlie Livingston and YouTube sensation, Steven “Stingray” Ray give their input on this highly discussed topic.

Florida-Georgia has produced many memorable matchups over the years. Brady Ackerman and Shane Matthews have both been a part of a few of them. In this edition of the SwampCast, the guys took a trip down memory lane ahead of this year’s game.’s Randy Rosetta talked with legendary LSU running back Kevin Faulk about the play of LSU standout running back Leonard Fournette. The Super Bowl Champion was very impressed with not only Fournette’s play on the field, but also with how he represented the program.

VSporto’s Brian Hadad and’s Bob Carskadon compare the two modern runs of success for Mississippi State football.


Leonard Fournette had a season to remember for LSU, but is he better than Emmitt Smith? Sonny Shipp, representing Tiger Sports Radio, debates with Denny Courson, representing Gator Sports Radio.

Notre Dame and Michigan both put together nice seasons. Which program has more staying power? J.B. Long of Still Indpendent on Irish Sports Radio debates with Anthony Broome of Broome and Henschke on Wolverine Sports Radio.


Boneyard host, Steve Robertson, investigated an Ole Miss fan’s catfish scheme and tried to uncover the truth behind Analesa Presley.


The guys from Recruitniks broke down the latest in the recruitment of Isaac Nauta, the #1 tight end in the Class of 2016. This episode was picked up by a variety of outlets, including Bleacher Report.


In this week’s edition of “Coach Speak” in SEC: Smothered and Covered, Barrett Sallee tells you how Nick Saban is deflecting blame on Lane Kiffin when instead it should be squarely on him and Kirby Smart.


Chase Parham, Neal McCready, and Jeffrey Wright discuss the latest with Tony Conner’s status, Hugh Freeze’s Monday press conference, and speak with Edward Aschoff of ESPN. This episode averaged 56 minutes per listener.

Thanks to our team, talent, and users as we build the leading digital sports audio platform!

- VSporto team